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Recurring funding for groups. Do great things together! app-preview

Open Collective is a platform for collectives to collect money, submit expenses and let anyone see their budget. No need to create an association or a new bank account!

How does it work?

Create – Connect your PayPal account and we take care of the rest. Everyone in the collective can see how much money has been collected, how much is left and where it is spent.

Collect – Accept recurring donations online from individual backers or corporate sponsors.

Spend – Anyone in your collective can submit expenses. The collective can approve those expenses with one tap.

Globalactive is proud to be part of a network of host organisations around the world facilitating the use of the Open Collective platform – one of a growing network of legal entities that host the facility under their umbrella. We assist and support people in their community to create associations without friction.

While the Internet has been very good so far at helping people do things together, it is still very difficult for groups to collect money and use it transparently. As a result, we see initiatives, projects, movements popping up here and there that disappear quickly from lack of funding. Imagine how many wonderful things don’t happen in the world because funding – which is oxygen for most organisations – is difficult to sustain.

Money of course isn’t everything for a movement but experience has shown that without an easy way to raise and spend money, it’s hard to manage and grow many of these seeds of an idea that could change the world.

Meetups, open source projects, parent associations, neighbourhood associations, pet projects, clubs, unions, movements, non-profits, business incubators – in order to operate, all of them are forced to use a physical glass jar, ask a sponsor to directly pay their expenses or front the huge overhead of setting up and managing a corporation or a non-profit. It’s either inefficient and opaque or it’s overkill.

Open Collective enables groups to quickly set up a collective, raise funds and manage them transparently.

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