Educator and activist Peter Le Breton Beyond Paradigms interview

Peter Le Breton is an educator, writer, scholar-practitioner and activist. He is organiser of the upcoming Nora Bateson led Warm Data Lab training to be held in Western Australia in November. Nora is the daughter of Gregory Bateson—anthropologist and pioneering systems thinker, whose ecological ideas are needed now more than ever. A Warm Data Lab (WDL) is an inviting and simple way to bring people into dialogue around complex issues—such as economic hardship, gender inequality, ecological destruction, or any ‘wicked problem’.

Peter will be presenting at the upcoming 2019 New Economy Network of Australia annual conference “Beyond Paradigms” to be held in Perth October 4-7 2019.


See the following link for details on the Warm Data Lab (WDL) –https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nora-batesons-warm-data-lab-training-bookings-tickets-65387005293?utm_term=eventurl_text

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