Renowned futurist Professor Sohail Inayatullah on his book PROUT in Power

Professor Sohail Inayatullah, renowned academic and futurist most famous for introducing and pioneering the futures technique of causal layered analysis speaks with Karun Cowper of the Globalactive Podcast.

Sohail is the author of several books some of which are pretty much canon in the field of future studies. Other books such as “Understanding Sarkar”, “Neohumanist Educational Futures and “PROUT in Power” are the focus of this interview…

What is PROUT? What is its relevance in the modern world and into the future. What is Neo-Humanism? Who is PR Sarkar? This Indian mystic, macro historian, propounder of this socio-economic theory that is PROUT?

One of the fundamental tenets of PROUT is the guarantee of the minimum essentials of life to all human beings – food, housing, health, education. How does the movement to a Universal Basic Income fit in as a step in this direction?

Backcasting to PROUT… from a New Economy framework perspective. How can the PROUT framework inform and inspire the movement to an ecosystem that is prefigured in smaller, connected, grassroots, P2P transnational communities. Or is there a pathway forward with some revolutionary party led by some tremendous personalities essentially emerging from the existing system?

Yoganomics is discussed. Yoga as union. Yoga as internal mastery, evidence based spirituality, service to Life moving beyond Yoga’s reduction to physical postures for physical health. A spiritual battle of the light against the dark forces of our time.

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