Dr Otto Scharmer – Ego to Eco – Building a New Economy for Western Australia

Dr Otto Scharmer, Senior Lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, founding chair of the Presencing Institute and author of bestselling book “Theory U” interviewed by Karun Cowper of the Globalactive podcast and Friends of the Earth Perth in the lead up to the inaugural New Economy Network of Australia’s (NENA) “Building a New Economy for Western Australia” Symposium 24th & 25th August 2018.

Much appreciation and gratitude to Katie Stubley from the Centre for Social Impact UWA for arranging this interview. The interview happened in the immediate wake of Dr Scharmer’s public lecture “Leading Innovation with Theory U” at the 2018 Social Impact Festival at the University of Western Australia (UWA).

Much appreciation and gratitude also to James Que Zheng from Enkel for his technical assistance.

For information on “Building a New Economy for Western Australia” Symposium 2018 –… Head to for more interviews, events, content exploring post-capitalist thinking and happenings.


Here’s audio only (podcast version)…

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