Dr Michelle Maloney and Dr Amanda Cahill on the New Economy in Australia

In this episode we speak with two inspiring women in the New Economy movement in Australia – Dr Michelle Maloney and Dr Amanda Cahill.

Dr. Michelle Maloney is a lawyer, activist and co-founder of the New Economy Network of Australia and co-founder/director of Australian Earth Laws Alliance. She is the former Chairperson of the Environmental Defenders Office Queensland and Executive Committee member of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature. Michelle is passionate about building Earth centred law, governance and ethics and ensuring new economic initiatives are anchored to Earth centred values. Michelle holds degrees in law and politics from ANU and a PhD in law from Griffith University.

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Dr. Amanda Cahill is the CEO of The Next Economy. Originally trained in anthropology, she has spent over two decades working with communities across Australia, Asia and the Pacific to develop more equitable and sustainable local economies. Over the last few years she has been working with coal and gas affected communities in Australia to develop economic transition plans that will move Australia closer to zero emissions while strengthening local economies. Amanda has a PhD in Human Geography from the Australian National University, an Adjunct Lecturer position at the University of Queensland and was on the founding committee of the New Economy Network of Australia.

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