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Perth Indymedia first autonomous collective to be accepted for Open Collective through Globalactive

The rad folks at Perth Indymedia ( are the first to recently sign up and be accepted for the Open Collective platform which Globalactive is hosting.

The Open Collective platform allows collectives, projects, initiatives, movements, clubs to collect money, submit expenses and let anyone see their budget.

The platform allows any groups of people who collect and spend money together to do things in full transparency – everyone who adds funds to the collective can follow the money and see all the transactions by;

  • Setting up a page to collect membership fees or donations for your group
  • Let members submit expenses and reimburse them with a click
  • Giving everyone visibility on the budget

Anyway, the best way to understand the system is to see how it works!  Head over to the following site and show the crew at Perth Indymedia some love!

Hit us up at [email protected] if you’re interested in making use of the platform for a mission you’re involved with!

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